Mouriya Clothing Company is a One Stop Solution for Uniforms with the entire range of Corporate uniforms, Hospital uniform, Facility management uniform, Collage uniform, School Uniforms, Hotels uniforms,, Restaurant uniforms, Caterers uniforms, Food Counters uniforms, Salon Uniform, Security uniforms, Spa Uniform, Health care Uniform and industrial uniforms, Sports T -shirt, Custom T-shirt, Sports T-shirt, Event T-shirt, Political party T-shirt, Leggings, Mens T-shirt, Boys t-shirt, Girls T-shirts, Night Dress, Girls Pyjamas, Yoga Pant, Track Pant, Bermuda’s, shorts, Towels, Bathrobes, Cotton Bags, Paper Bags etc..
Event uniforms gives a sense of community identity to all the participants. We ensure that the uniforms are personalized as per the need of the event. The workforces look more united and eager to serve the customer, so the role of the uniform becomes very important. When the workforce is wearing a pleasant uniform the customers approach them more confidently. These uniforms create a visibility for the staff and differentiate them from the rest.

We offer endless possibilities of options for event uniforms. There are various services like Embroidery, Graphic Design, Digital Transfer, Screen Printing and Thermal Grip. Very few companies will provide you with all these services, they may provide 2 or 3 of these but we are capable of providing you with all these services. Cause as we know event uniforms require these services unlike the usual process of apparel making.

We are extremely proud to supply corporate wear and corporate uniforms into some of the leading private and public organizations. We provide a range of premium formal corporate wear and suits for men and women, which includes high-quality tailored jackets and trousers with matching shirts, blouses and accessories. Corporate clothing plays an important role in promoting brand recognition in your business environment.

We are known for providing a full professional wardrobe, our range of easy fit skirts, trousers, fitted jackets and shirts are ideal for client-facing businesses. With a choice of colour and embroidery options available, we make it simple to reflect your company branding through your staff uniforms. We offer a greater choice than many of our competitors, you can mix and match collections with a market-leading range of sizes and fittings. All formal apparel can be customised as required with embroidery and printing
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